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June 2005
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Host: Sam

Playlist: Cepia "Christmas Time Is Here" (Ghostly)
The Spectacular Fantastic "Winter Song" (Ionik)
Deerhoof "Holy Night Fever" (Kill Rock Stars)
The Boy Least Likely To "Little Donkey " (Too Young to Die)
Matt Costa "Cold December" (Venerable)
The Walkmen "Christmas Party" (self-released)
Zooey "Grey Christmas " (self-released)
Hinkley "Frail and Poker Faced " (self-released)
Fonda "Last Christmas" (Parasol)
65 Days of Static "I'm Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas" (self-released)

Happy holidays, however you roll.

Love, the 3hive Collective
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For the week ending December 3, 2005
Host: Sam
Jens Lekman "Black Cab" (Secretly Canadian)
Machine Go Boom "Captain Obvious" (Collectible Escalators)
Nic Armstrong & the Thieves "If We Can't Escape, My Pretty" (New West)
Climber "Always Right" (Sparklet)
Au Revoir Simone "Back in Time" (self-released)
Faux Pas "White Light" (self-released)
Gotye "A Distinctive Sound" (self-released)
Blue Bone Express "Sweltering Solar Rag" (self-released)

stay warm, people.
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November 22, 2005

Mark Willet from Music For Robots sits in on Sean's KUCI show to discuss and spin their latest favorites.

Playlist Hour 2:

Tom Vek--nothing but green lights *digitalism remix [kitsune]
Twink--pussy cat [seeland]
Whomadewho--roses [gomma]
Dizzy Gillespie--swing low, sweet cadillac *gerardo frisina remix [impulse]
Gnarls Barkley--crazy
Ohmega Watts--a request [ubiquity]
Jamie Lidell--multiply [warp]
Ray Barbee--there's a proper time and procedure for every matter [galaxia]
El Ten Eleven--central nervous piston [bar none]
B. Fleischman--aldebaran waltz [morr]
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November 22, 2005

Mark Willet from Music For Robots sits in on Sean's KUCI show to discuss and spin their latest favorites.

Playlist Hour 1:

Birdmonster--the resurrection song [self release]
Speaker Speaker--statues/shadows [self release]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Stratageme--scripts [judah records]
Death From Above 1979--Black History Month *alan braxe & fred falke remix [vice]
The Morning After Girls--run for our lives [rainbow quartz]
The A-Sides--expressway to your heart [plain parade]
Action--something to say
Matt Costa--sweet thursday [venerable]
Bodies of Water--here comes my hand
Hanne Hukkelberg--ease [leaf]
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For the week ending November 19, 2005

Host: Sean

Speaker Speaker - I Was Wrong
Beat Happening - Angel Gone
The Clientele - St. Paul's Beneath a Sinking Sky
The Rosebuds - Blue Bird
Twink - Animal Talk
Not Gonna Tell You - It's A Surprise
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For the week ending November 12, 2005

Host: Sam

DJ Format featuring Abdominal and D-Sisive "Separated at Birth" (Genuine)
The Arrogants "Wishing Well" (Shelflife)
Cold War Kids "The Soloist in the Living Room" (Monarchy Music Corp.)
The King of France "Mexico" (Echo)
Cat Power "The Greatest" (Matador)
The Mathletes "Cat Power Is a Good Cop" (Asaurus)
The Notes and Scratches "The Hours" (Tense Forms)
John P. Strohm "Drive-Thru" (Flat Earth)
Kaskade "Two Sides" (Om)

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For the week ending November 5, 2005

Host: Sean

The Coral Sea - Look at Her Face [Red Clover]
Arma Secreta - Sweater Weather [RTHMTC]
Voicst - Whatever You Want From Life [Duurt Lang]
Dropkick Murphys - The Warriors Code [Epitaph]
The Ta-dahs - The Cute Band [Undeniable]
Jupiter One - Countdown [None]
The Mohawk Lodge - Making Music [White Whale]
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For the week ending October 29, 2005

Host: Sam

Self "KiDdies" (None)
Big Strides "Better" (Tall Order)
Numbers "Beast Life" (Kill Rock Stars)
History Invades "We Ran Out of Bridges So We Burned Down Our Homes" (Lujo)
The Twin Atlas "Current Below" (None)
Hanne Hukkelberg "Ease" (Leaf)
Pyramid "Monster in the Canyon" (None)
Hopewell "Safe As Milk" (Tee Pee)
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For the week ending October 22, 2005

Host: Sean

The Deadly Snakes "Gore Veil" (In The Red)
Ham1 "Pop Song for a Funeral (None)
The Hard Lessons "Milk and Sugar" (No Fun)
Pine Hill Haints "Tennessee River Rambler" (Lelp)
Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch (Ryko)
Ninja High School "Shake It Off" (Tomlab)
Xrbxrx "Beat Rolls On" (Polyvinyl)
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For the week ending October 15, 2005

Host: Sam

The Beautiful New Born Children "Paper Mill" (Domino)
Danger Doom "Sofa King" (Epitaph)
Cranes "Particles and Waves" (Manifesto)
The Harvey Girls "Practicing" (SVC Records)
The Earlies "Morning Wonder" (Secretly Canadian)
Les Hommes Sauvages "Sandmann" (Disques Sauvages)
Tender Forever "Take It Off" (K Records)
Paul Duncan "Oil in the Fields" (Home Tapes)

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For the week ending October 8, 2005. My Odeo Channel (odeo/d0388d12cdd3b5f3)
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For the week ending October 1, 2005.
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For the week ending September 24, 2005
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For the week ending September 17, 2005
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For the week ending September 10, 2005
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